BartenderDrinkCompetition.com is a website dedicated to promoting and recognizing the profession of bartending. It is estimated that there are over 4 million bartenders world wide (600,000+ in the U.S.). Keep on top of the latest mixed drink trends, follow your favorite bartenders, promote deserving colleagues and share your favorite drink creations.

Do you have a great cocktail? Enter your recipe in drink competition to earn street cred, receive honors for your portfolio and to improve your career earning potential.

Drink competition winners receive:

  1. Dedicated web page with full featured article and bio (with link to your website)
  2. Black bartender’s jacket with name and bragging rights (Worldwide Winner Bartender Drink Competition)
  3. Press release
  4. Featured on “Awarded Mixed Drinks”¬†page¬†with credit and link to bio page


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